I'll be real, if you're in need of some brighter hues in your gym wardrobe, now's the time to go for it! Thanks to recent runway presentations and the upcoming Barbie movie, Barbiecore IS on a meteoric rise and one that can definitely be adopted in the gym.

Barbiecore refers to a fashion and aesthetic trend that draws inspiration from the iconic doll, Barbie. Typically, it involves bright pink or pastel colours and other girly elements, often with a retro or Y2K twist. 

Although more commonly associated with fashion and streetwear, there's no reason why Barbiecore couldn't be incorporated into gymwear. It's all about expressing your style, swapping the black sets for some pink and experimenting with your workout clothes.

Essentially, the essence of Barbie is to be playful, confident and to own your femininity. You go stink! 😉


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