Finding the right activewear pieces online isn't as effortless as it seems, considering the amount of choice we have from high street to smaller, independent brands (hello!).

And while we don't have any shortcuts to speed up this process - we will, however, share four tips on how to make the best purchase online.

#1 Is it fashionable?

It's no secret that when you look good, you feel good and perform even better, so choosing a trendy activewear set is definitely a big win!

When browsing online, our immediate focus is on the appearance of the garment. For that reason, we're typically presented with the very best images of a brands product - capturing each colourway, style, and tiny detail in a way that gets us reaching for our purse!

At this stage, we'd suggest taking in all the available options and asking yourself, "do I want to stand out in the gym?" or, most importantly, "will I look cute when I look back at it?" 😉 🍑

#2 Is it functional?

As an online shopper, you don't get to feel the garment irl, so the product description is our best friend. We rely heavily on these descriptions to tell us what features the product has and the fabric used, which we then decide if it's suitable for our needs.

Knowing that the information provided will help you determine whether *those* leggings will survive an intense workout, speaks volumes about how valuable product descriptions are.

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#3 Does it look good IRL?

The quickest way to see what real-life customers look like in those pieces you've added to your basket is to check social media, for example, Instagram and video sharing apps such as TikTok.

Clicking play on a real-life moving video and analysing whether those leggings held up during a squat should be your exact thoughts before heading to check-out.

Even better, taking inspiration from how well others have styled the pieces you want to buy, allows you to really see how versatile the product is.

Click here to see how Sabrina paired our pastel pink sports bra with a blazer.

#4 The receipts never lie!

Lastly, nothing paints a better picture of the product than a customer's honest and truthful review. Potential shoppers need to hear if that sports bra was their best ever purchase or a disappointing flop.

These can typically be found on social media, review-based websites such as Trustpilot, or the website's homepage.

Click here to read some of our reviews.

What were your favourite tips?